With SuperChamp food supplements, you are ensured optimal mushroom quality and a yield increase.


SuperChamp is entirely focussed on the production of food supplements for mushroom cultivation. Benefitting from our 25 years of experience, these high-quality food supplements are produced in our own factory in Bommelerwaard and are rich in protein. SuperChamp offers different types of food supplements. This allows us to produce client-specific products based specifically on your requirements.



SuperChamp is ISO 22000 certified. This is an international standard that deals with food safety. The ISO 22000 certification means that our products meet strict quality and food safety demands. 

SuperChamp offers you:

• High-quality food supplements for mushroom cultivation

• High-quality food supplements thanks to quality assurance checks being carried out throught the year in a laboratory

• Sterile food supplement thanks to a special treatment

• A yield increase of up to 30%

• The best quality for a low price

"High quality is a fact"