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Producing with the client in mind


As we said earlier, at SuperChamp you can select the specific food supplement you would like to purchase. If you are in doubt, we are happy to provide you with professional advice. After all, our experience of more than 25 years enables us to provide you with our knowledge. Moreover, owner Jeanne graduated successfully from the vocational trading school for mushrooms. Our strength lies in the fact that every client can discuss their individual wishes. We will produce your product based on your specific requirements. We can also provide consultation about cultivation. See contact details.

Packaging material

Option 1 SuperChamp uses paper packaging materials (25 kg) with plastic lining. These are safely delivered on a pallet (1,000/1,250 kg). The net dimension of a pallet is 120 x 100 cm.

Option 2 SuperChamp delivers your food supplement in big bags (up to 1,000 kg). These large bags are sturdy and sterile. The net dimension of a pallet is 100 x 100 cm. 

Option 3 | SuperChamp also delivers by bulk transport using a bladder truck. 

Every paper package is provided with a label indicating the type of product, the production date and the batch number. Finally, all packaging is hygienic and water resistant. 

Testing Frequent checks are performed on both the raw materials (arrival check) as well as on the product itself (departure check). These checks ensure a high quality product.

Transport SuperChamp has its own transportation facilities, which ensures delivery lines are kept short. This saves time and guarantees a smooth process from start to finish.


"A High Quality is a fact"